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Apr 10 16 Nisan Torah Portion. This is an ideal opportunity to repair broken relationships by sending packages to people with whom one has ill feelings. Yes, it is praiseworthy, but it is better to spend more on gifts to the poor Matanot La'evyonim than on Mishloach Manot.

There is no greater joy than gladdening the hearts of orphans, widows, and needy people. One who does so is likened to God, as it says about Him "to revive the spirit of the humble and to revive the heart of the downtrodden" Isaiah Preferably, one should send food that is ready to be eaten immediately.

For example, raw meat or fish that requires cooking should not be sent, unless other ready-to-eat foods are also included. No, the two food items must be different. However it is not necessary for the items to require two different blessings.

For example, one may send two different cakes or two fruits. Ideally, the food should be of a respectable quantity according to the standards of the sender and recipient. Therefore, one should send a nicer package to a wealthy person than to a poor person, and a wealthy person should send a nicer package than a poor person. Is it better to send a large number of small gifts, or a small number of large gifts?

At least one package should be of respectable size and any additional packages may be small "token" packages. This is better than sending a large number of small "token" packages. At least one package must be bought without ma'aser money. If a person wishes to send additional packages to poor people, he may use ma'aser money. A note should be attached indicating that the package is being sent on behalf of both of them.

Magnificent Mishloach Manot

Can children who live at home fulfill the mitzvah with the parents' package? According to some opinions, a package may be sent on behalf of the entire family. According to another opinion, only a husband and wife may send together, but children should send separately. If children prepare their own packages from food in their parents' home, they should be allowed to acquire the food before sending it. If another member of the family is not in mourning, the package may be addressed to the family.

Yes, but the package should not be too elaborate.Shalach Manos is a traditional gift that one sends to another on Purim Day. It's an Oh! Nuts tradition to bring you the most up-to-date designed Shalach Monos and Purim Gifts Basket Mishloach Manot at the most reasonable prices. Visit our passover Shop! Download Our Purim Catalog Here. We at Oh! Nuts have put together a beautiful selection of Kosher for Passover Food.

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In The Book of Esther it says "the sending of portions one man to another, and gifts to the poor" Over time, this has become one of the strongest and most prominent features of celebrating Purim. According to Jewish law, every Jew over the age of 13 has to send two different, ready-made foods to one friend and two donations either money or food to two needy people, in order to fulfill the two mitzvot.

The gifts purim baskets that we send one to the other are called Mishloach Manot sending of portions. Some Synagogues or Jewish schools often run a collective Mishloach Manot purim baskets Fundraiser that manages the sending of Purim baskets to all members as Purim gifts. These projects are typically one of the best annual fundraisers for many synagogues and schools. Although the sending of Purim Gift Baskets is technically required to one gift, containing 2 items for one friend, for many the custom has evolved into a major Purim gift-giving event.

Families often prepare dozens of homemade and store-bought food baskets to deliver to friends, neighbors, and relatives on Purim day. Impressive Purim gift baskets are also delivered to children's teachers, school principals, parents, bosses, doctors, and business associates with whom they have regular dealings throughout the year.

This is voluntary due to the fact that the verse in the Megillah only mentions the sending of portions one man to 'another', which indicates one gift consisting of 2 items to only one man. The verse clearly mentions as well 'gifts to the poor', which has been interpreted by Jewish law as requiring giving gifts to more than one person.

doctor mishloach manot

This difference is to point out the importance of giving charity. Historically, the custom of giving shaloach manos stems from when people would be going to one another's meal on Purim day, they brought along two ready-made types of foods.

Being that the person at whose house they were eating, often did not have enough food they thus fulfilled their own obligation of Shaloach Manot. There is a misconception that the mishloach manos has to contain two different items of food that each requires a different blessing to be said over it. In reality, the two foods are good even if they both require the same blessing. In synagogues, collections of charity is customary and the money is distributed among the needy.

No distinction was to be made among the poor; anyone who was willing to accept charity was allowed to participate.Shop our exclusive Mishloach Manot Purim gift baskets. Order as many Purim gift baskets as you need from the convenience of your closest computer or handheld device. Last minute? No problem. Purim is a special time, filled with liveliness, charitable giving and, of course, the sending and receiving of kosher purim baskets. For those who observe the holiday, which falls on the 14th day of the Jewish month Adar.

One of the most important observances of Purim is the bringing or delivery of gifts to people in your life. However, with our busy day-to-day schedules, it can be challenging to hand-deliver items such as sweet treats.

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doctor mishloach manot

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. Vegan Gifts Sugar Free. Track order Account Cart 0. Your shopping basket is empty. Shop Sympathy Gifts. Purim Mishloach Manot. Sold Out. They can go wherever you need. Do you care about someone who lives across the country? Send a Broadway Basketeers Purim gift basket filled to the brim with savory and sweet items curated by our gift specialists.Purim is almost here, and that means its time to start planning your kids costumes and your mishloach manos ideas.

Now, I know the whole idea of doing themed costumes and mishloach manos is a bit controversial- some people go all out and start planning elaborate ideas starting from Chanuka time, and others feel that doing so is totally unnecessary and not in the spirit of Purim.

But if thinking of themes and costumes and food ideas that relate to it just stress you out and cause pressure and anxiety, then skip the theme and just put together a nice, classy mishloach manos that completely fulfills the mitzva without any unnecessary pressure. I apologize for the non professional quality of some of the early year photos.

This is a very simple theme and the costumes are DIY and so cute. My husband and I wore striped black and white t-shirts, black berets, and burglar masks that I made with black felt and elastic. My two girls just wore black from head to toe, black ski hats, and the felt burglar masks. Our mishloach manos was a plain canvas bag on which I drew a money sign with a sharpie.

You can fill it with candy jewelry, chocolate coins, etc or you can just put in food items with green wrappers for money. Easy, cute, and not expensive. The year we did this theme, my girls were a little bigger and I wanted to do something a little more elaborate. They wore pink poodle skirts with white shirts, high ponies with ribbons in their hair, and white tights.

Popcorn-Themed Mishlaoch Manot

But if you and your spouse wanted to dress up, you can wear a poodle skirt, a fitted cardigan, white or pink tights, saddle shoes, pearls etc. When my oldest wanted to be a butterfly one year, I chose to have her little sister be a bumblebee, and my baby son was a flower.

Strips of yellow tape on a black t-shirt for my little bumblebee and lots of pink for the butterfly. For our mishloach manos, I found these pretty glass cutting boards that had a garden motif and the rest was easy- bottle of water, peas and carrots candies, veggie straws, and a small packet of flower seeds for planting, not eating. A little pretty ribbon tied it all together, and I created a label on the computer and just strung it on a small piece of ribbon.

The year my girls were deep into princess stage, they were thrilled to be real princesses for Purim. So it only made sense for my son to be a king and to do a Royalty theme.

I guess I was a bit lazy that year, because our Mishloach manos was simply food items with red wrappers placed on a pretty mirror and wrapped in cellophane, instead of being tied into the theme. If you wanted royalty themed food ideas, you could do candy jewelry, ring pops, and royal crown liquor. This one is also so so easy, and so cute. The kids can be any wild animals they choose, and someone can be the zookeeper — or mom and dad can be the zookeepers.One of the things that the holiday of Purim is best known for is the gifts of food that people give to each other, known as Mishloach Manot.

Since Purim is a time of joy, laughter and costumes, many families like to come up with fun, creative themes for their Mishloach Manot, some of which even match their costumes.

Here are some of my favorite Mishloach Manot themes from my own community this past Purim! This message will self-destruct in five seconds.

doctor mishloach manot

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Your contribution will help us bring you vital news and frequent updates about the impact of COVID Photos courtesy of Rena Max. Theme: Baby Shark. Baby Shark Mishloach Manot. Mishloach Manot. Inspector Gadget Mishloach Manot. Israel Mishloach Manot. Rainbows and Unicorns Mishloach Manot. Superheroes Mishloach Manot.

Beauty and the Beast Mishloach Manot.Misconception: The two foods sent on Purim for mishloach manot must be from two different categories of blessings. Background: Mishloach manot is one of the four mitzvot established by Mordechai and Esther to be performed on Purim day.

Purim Mishloach Manot

The Magen Avraham and Mishnah Berurah express surprise that many women are not scrupulous about personally performing this mitzvah and suggest that a married woman possibly fulfills the obligation through her husband. Nonetheless, they say that it is proper to be stringent, implying that a married woman should, in fact, send her own mishloach manot. He adds that the women in his region do so. The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch rejects this idea and advises women to send their own.

Why Send Mishloach Manot? Later authorities offer two basic reasons for this mitzvah. The Terumat Hadeshen Rav Israel Isserlin [], viewed it as a practical way to ensure that everyone will have sufficient food for the festive Purim meal. The posekim of the last several hundred years discuss many differences in the performance of the mitzvah, depending on the reasoning behind it. For example, according to Rav Alkabetz, sending non-food items is acceptable 3 because such a package also engenders friendship, while the Terumat Hadeshen rejects any item that cannot be used at the seudah.

If one sends mishloach manot anonymously, according to the Terumat Hadeshen, the sender fulfills his obligation; however, according to Rav Alkabetz, because the mishloach manot does nothing toward engendering good will, the sender does not fulfill his obligation see Ketav Sofer Based on the reasoning of the Terumat Hadeshen that the purpose of mishloach manot is to provide food for the seudahthe Magen AvrahamChayei AdamKitzur Shulchan Aruch and Aruch Hashulchan rule that the food should not be raw.

However, others opine that sending unprepared food is permissible and the Mishnah Berurah cites both opinions as acceptable. What to Send? The basic obligation is to send any combination of two portions of food to one individual Megillah 7a; SAOC This is derived from the fact that the pasuk Rashi, Megillah 7a, s. A drink would be considered a type of food, and thus two items, one food and one drink or even two drinks, may be sent MB ; AH The gemara Megillah 7a-b relates several incidents regarding mishloach manot from which the commentators derive some of the halachot governing this mitzvah.

For example, Rav Auerbach Halichot Shlomo says that one can use two pieces of chicken—a top and a bottom—because they do not taste the same. Rav Nachman Kahana Spinka Rebbe, late nineteenth century suggests Orchot Chaim that in the Talmudic story, Rabbi Yehuda Nesiah fulfilled his obligation by sending meat because each limb of the animal tastes different. He quotes Rav Moshe Falk nineteenth century who discusses whether two types of wine, such as red and white, are considered two different types of food.

Rav Falk Tikkun MoshePurim 93a also wonders whether roasted and cooked food would be regarded as two different types. He concludes that, based on the wording of the Shulchan Aruchit would appear that they are indeed different. Rav Yosef Teomim author of Pri Megadimin analyzing the Talmudic story Rosh Yosef, Megillah 7aimplies that two different fruits are considered two types of food.

The accepted halachah seems to be that two cuts of meat i. There is no source anywhere indicating that the two foods must have different berachot ; in fact, from the above examples, it is clearly not the case. It is possible that this notion became popular as many were confused about what constitutes two types of food. To avoid confusion, they began sending food from two different categories of blessings.

Chazal also comment on the quality of the food. The Mishnah Berurah in Biur Halachahs. Thus, it would seem to be halachically problematic for an upper-middle-class individual to send a very inexpensive item to his peer. The gemara Megillah 7a mentions sending a substantial piece of beef and a large quantity of wine. Rav Sternbuch expresses surprise that people are not scrupulous about sending the finest foods for mishloach manot.

He states that it is preferable to give two items of significant value to one recipient rather than many items of lesser value to numerous people. In Yemen see Halichot Teimanp. Yosef Ometz suggests that after sending two items of significant value to one person, one can then send items of lesser worth to many others to foster good will and camaraderie.Each year on Purim we join together to hear the reading of the Megillah, and we distribute Mishloach Manot to our friends and family in celebration.

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