Hiwatt kit

Mounting screws not do “clean hands” ensure healthy growth. Use LS for mounting screws. Similar to the original logo found on blackface amps from the s. Mounting screws are included. This logo is 6" long - please measure the old logo in order to ensure that you order the correct size.

Replaces the plastic vent immediately behind the handle, and is roughly the size of the handle. Used with 8 Black screws, on amps and speaker cabinets.

Set of 4 washers. Set of 8 washers. Set of 16 washers. Set of 6 washers and 6 nuts. Jack is in the picture to demonstrate how the washers are installed - jack is NOT included with the washers. Two washers are used on each jack, and the "shoulders" are placed facing each other through the chassis. Jack shown in picture NOT included. Each jack needs two washers. Includes 2 straps, no screws or nuts. Tooled from the original Fender part, nickel plated. Save about half over the cost of Fender chassis straps.

hiwatt kit

Includes 2 chassis straps, no screws or nuts. Includes 4 bolts and 4 matching nuts with integral lock washers. Fender part number Stainless steel. Pack of 6 screws. Made of stainless steel, for longer life and no worries about rust or oxidation. These screws are not chrome-plated. Mounts the chassis to the cabinet on top as well as the sides of the cabinet.

Used on the chassis mounting screws as well as the back-panel mounting screws. Pack of 6 washers. Pack of 6 screws with 6 nuts. Screws made of stainless steel, for longer life and no worries about rust or oxidation.NOTE: This website is frequently updated. Last update October Usually two inputs go to one channel and two to another. This was originally intended to allow more than one instrument to be plugged into the same amp.

Each channel had a high sensitivty input and a low sensititvity input. The high sensitivity inputs are a bit hotter sounding and the low are a bit mellower sounding. If you have high output Strat pickup or Humbucker pickup, it may sound best and tamer through the low inputs. If you have a weak output pickup it may sound best through the high inputs.

There is no right or wrong, it's just a matter of which input sounds best to you. Four-input Marshalls typically have the high sensitivity high gain inputs at the top and low sensitivity low gain inputs at the bottom. Most four-input Hiwatts have the reverse, low sensitivity inputs on top and high on the bottom. Guitarists have been linking the input channels together on these four-input amps since the beginning, including Gilmour.

Linking two channels allows a parallel not stacked blend of both channels simultaneously. This causes no harm at all to the amp and allows for more more tonal options when both channels are running at the same time. These were modified so both the Normal and Brilliant channels were linked internally to the normal volume pot. The Brilliant volume pot was removed and the Normal inputs were taped over.

David plugged into the High sensitivity Brilliant input. The exact wiring for this mod is unknown. The Brilliant volume pot may have been replaced by a fixed value resistor, or completely bypassed. David Gilmour's Custom "Pink Floyd" Hiwatt s from leftand Custom s from right all with Normal inputs taped over and Brillaint volume pots removed.I have used Hiwatt amplifiers sinceall of them the DR model, also known as the Custom Hiwattand sometimes referred to as the "all purpose"for its AP denomination on the serial number plate.

My love for these amps is multifold, but mostly, I have always been hugely impressed by their sound, loudness, and indestructibility. Even though they are still being built today with pretty much the same circuits as those in Pete Townshend and David Gilmour's old rigs, their story is extremely convoluted and deserves to be told.

Below is my honest attempt at putting some form of continuity into the many paths Hiwatt amps have followed from the mid '60s to the present Until Dave Reeves' tragic death inHiwatt amps were built by Hylight Electronics in a number of locations around southwest London, first in Morden and New Malden, then in Kingston, and finally Surbiton.

Beside the Hiwatt line, D. For all intents and purposes, the products from the Hylight era are the most sought after, for they were the amps favored by many of the rock guitarists of the '60s and '70s, including James Page, Glenn Cornick, Robert Fripp, Roger Waters, John Wetton, The Ox, Paul Kossoff and of course, Townshend and Gilmour among the many.

Dave Reeves attended technical school in the '50s and did apprenticeships at Marconi Electronics and Mullard before securing a job with the latter.

He also started working evenings making amps as well as fixing hi-fis and televisions in a small 1st floor shop in Morden, from until It was where he came up with the Hiwatt name and decided to start his own company. After he was laid off from Mullard inthe field became open for the Hiwatt project, and Hylight Electronics was born the name originated from a band for which Dave serviced some amps.

Reeves then bounced production between his shop and his house affectionately remembered as the maisonette, where he completed the amps. His first big order came from Dallas Arbiter for which he made amps under the Sound City name, and the Hylight label can be found on the chassis of these units.

In he used the severance pay from Mullard and the money from Dallas Arbiter for a down payment on a house in New Malden. It had a garage which quickly became Hylight's new headquarters.

The first of the watt amps, the "all purpose" came with a gold script logo; it was shortly followed by the formidable DR In his goal to manufacture the most reliable and best sounding amps ever, Dave Reeves sourced top-shelf components and adhered to strict wiring standards.

The massive Partridge transformers, the use of military grade parts throughout, and the tidy cable runs were testaments to his commitment to producing amplifiers built to the highest standards.

Hiwatt 100 Watt Power Transformer

Dave Reeves and Hylight worked tightly with many British rock artists of the day, and rare and unusual custom models saw the stage over the course of the late '60s and early '70s.

Extremely rare '64 and '65 pre Arbiter heads with black script logo. Early DR Pete Townshend's CP Dave Reeves did all he could to keep production up in the New Malden garage to the dismay of the neighbors bothered by the noise one imagines he did test the amps in there as well At the end of the line Dave connected with Harry Joyce, a British navy instrument contractor from Walton-on-Thames who was at first skeptical and somewhat reluctant, but who eventually agreed to take the job as long as production did not exceed 40 units per month.

Dave Reeves was already meticulous about chassis-wiring quality, but Harry Joyce took things a notch further into the realm of regimented perfection, thus making Hiwatts the most neatly laid out and serviceable amps in the field. Harry Joyce would remain in charge of wiring the bulk of the amps up to until early If the initials HJ precede the name, it is likely that Harry himself wired the unit, but be aware of forgeries. The company produced an average of between 1, and 1, units per year from tobut in and the output fell to around units a year, numbers that coincided with the introduction of PCBs and lesser quality potentiometers; a move most certainly aimed at cutting down on production costs.

There may have been other unexplained factors behind the need to cut costs, and most likely behind what later led to the collapse of Biacrown. Management was poorly equipped to deal with such heavy losses and often looked the other way. In other words, employee criminality was through the roof and I dare say that this oversight on the part of the administrators was just as pivotal to the sagging revenues. I worked in South Wimbledon and Morden at the time and I know what happened at Hylight, for that level of organized thievery was pretty much systematic everywhere across the entire UK industry….Covid Update - Click here for more info!

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hiwatt kit

Tweed Amp Kits. Capacitor Kits. Guitar Wiring Kits. Pickup Kits. Switching Kits. Vacuum Tube Kits. Cabinets Amp Covers.What differentiates our kits from others is part quality, fit, documentation and support. We supply quality parts. I finished building it a couple weekends ago, and have been putting it through its paces daily ever since I first fired it up. In short, it sounds incredible! It has a LOT of headroom, with punchy cleans, strong mids and treble chime.

hiwatt kit

There are a wide variety of tones to be had by adjusting the EQ knobs. The overdrive circuit is a nice addition, and it adds extra dimension and chime to the high end. At low settings approximately 9 oclock it blends unbelievably well with my boost and OD pedals.

The linked input is a great feature, as I like the ability to blend the levels of each channel for further tone shaping. Your customer service and product support are both outstanding, as is your kit design and quality of components. Kudos to you, sir! I wish you much continued success with your company. Payments can be made through PayPal to sales trinityamps. No PayPal account is required. Please be sure to send your full shipping address and contact phone number when ordering.

If you have any questions, please contact us for more information, visit our web site or forum. All prices are listed in US dollars. Orders ship from Brighton, Ontario, Canada, applicable taxes not included. Specifications and prices subject to change without notice. Trinity Amps Inc.

Hiwatt DIY

Skip to content. Thanks again Stephen and have a great weekend. Channels: 2: Bright; Normal Controls Ch. Click the 'Inquire' button below to receive up-to-date Canadian Dollar pricing and shipping.

Triwatt kit includes all components except tubes, speaker and cabinet.No Clones Here! The Gilmore Jr and Ardmore kits are uniquely voiced amps.

The Gilmore Jr or Ardmore Kit is an excellent choice for those who are building for the first time, yet challenging enough for those who have built before. Guytronix stands poised and ready to assist the builder throughout the assembly process.

We want your kit building experience to be fun and successful! Please use the menu above to navigate the site, or click here for contact and ordering information. The newly designed bare chassis featuring twenty-six stainless steel threaded PEM nuts that provide for a solid, quality build. Guytronix Amp Kits contain only the highest quality parts.

hiwatt kit

Stainless steel PEM nuts are press-fitted into the chassis for a solid, quality build. No self-tapping sheet metal screws here! The assembly manual guides the builder through each step. Read this unsolicited review from a Guytronix customer:. Richard Guy of Guytronix is dedicated to customer support and helping his customers have the best experience with their Guytronix amplfier kits. This man spent nearly 2 hours with me on phone debugging my mute guitar amplifier.

Richard waited patiently on the phone while I performed the correction. His sense of humor was evident as he instructed me to plug in my guitar, put all the volume controls to maximum, and strike a giant full-volume E chord.

Tube amplifiers respond differently from transistor amplifiers when signal levels approach and reach the point of clipping. In a tube amplifier, the transition from linear amplification to limiting is less abrupt than in a solid state unit, resulting in a less grating form of distortion at the onset of clipping.

What about everything between fully clean to fully distorted? You can go from clean to mean on a tube amplifier without clicking a pedal or changing channels.

Tube amps come alive when they are nearly or fully cranked. We believe that the Gilmore Jr is the ultimate home amp, because it is an all-tube design that can be cranked without driving the neighbors insane.

At 8 watts, the Ardmore is also very much at home, at homebut also great for recording, jamming, and playing live. Modeling amps attempt to digitally emulate the sound of tube amplifiers.

Hiwatt Style

Why would they want to emulate the sound of a tube amp? Because tube amps sound awesome. Opinions vary, and modeling technology has certainly come a long way.Some Kits include our excellent Heyboer Transformer sets and tubes are included where noted.

This is noted for each kit. Just to let you know, nothing was more satisfying than having my amp power up and work perfectly the first time! Quiet, no hums or crackles, and nice and very sweet sounding with my strat plugged in. Thanks a bunch for the kit. I'm super stoked about my TC Very satisfied customer! We have had many first-time builder successes but we do recommend that you be familiar with high voltage tube amp construction, safety and troubleshooting and be able to read schematics, layouts and posses solder skills in order to assemble any kit.

It is a Cathode Bias, all-tube design using a tube rectifier. One is sweet and one is tough. The Tweed produces about 15 watts into 8 Ohms using two 6V6 output tubes and uses a replica Fender 4, 8 ohm design Output transformer built by Heyboer. A redesigned 5E3 layout helps reduce hum and noise. This amp has a preamp inspired by the DR preamp and has 3 inputs - one linking the two channels.

From Clean to Dirty - Tweed to Marshall. With a variable power control that allows you to brown the sound. Finally, an Ampeg B15 Kit!! Based on several years of vintage Ampeg B15 designs, the Trip Top combines the original circuits of both the Ampeg BNCtonestack after volume as well as the later BNFtonestack before volume. By-passable Tone control. NOS 6SJ7 preamp tube included with tube set.

Simple enough for a first build. After many inquiries about an Overdrive Special Design kit, we re-designed our OSD into a builder friendly package that meets out stringent support requirements. The 1" sq. Replace the power switch in your amp using the "switched" control pot.

We offer our Trinity built boards for your DIY project. These are the same boards we use in our completed amplifiers. These boards use turrets. What differentiates our kits from others is: Excellent support Superior part quality and fit Extensive and detailed build documentation These are high quality DIY kits using the same parts that we use on our amp builds.