How to undervolt cpu asus bios

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How do i undervolt my CPU using bios? Thread starter Ornate Start date Dec 28, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware Overclocking. JavaScript is disabled.Forum World Records. Sign In Sign Up. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of TLDR; Tweaking is hard. Now that that's out the way, let's start from the beginning.

I have no idea what I am doing, simple as that. I bought a gaming laptop with super high end specs when it was on sale for My old one crapped out after 5 years and it was time for an upgrade. Straight out of the box, I downloaded my games and started playing. Should be as simple as that, right? So thinking I have 16gb ram single channelan RTXand a fairly beastly iH, I should be able to run everything on epic settings without a hitch. Well, this is true Oh boy, going into Battlefield 5?

Indie games? So me, scratching my head, googled what average gaming laptop temps were supposed to be. Now 90s isn't going to kill your computer, but you really do want to avoid it all costs. Another thing- why are my FPS rates lower than I'd like? I have a HZ screen and am only seeing fps could be enough for most, but I didn't pay near 2k for this.

So back to google I went. You may be experiencing this too.Log in or Sign up. Undervolting using bios. Is it possible? Hello everyone! Just undervolted my T from 1. Right now i m using RMclock utility.

What I'm wondering is if there is a way to set those values to be more permanent and so the values wouldn't have to wait for OS and RM to start up to be applied. Can I somehow edit bios?

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) Undervolting Guide

What would the dangers of that be? Probably, though it would be hard to do and you might brick your notebook if you make a bad BIOS mod. A safer way would be to modify the dsdt table in your registry, though this is not always possible. If you want to give this a go on your notebook I might be able to provide some help. Or another thing you could do is pin mod your PLL to overclock to 2. I can help you with this.

Undervolting using bios. Is it possible?

I' not interested in OCing as I only want my laptop to run cooler and longer on battery. So pin mod isn't an option. Bricking my laptop is a possibility as you say and also it would make a cpu upgrade harder as i would need to flash again with original bios, try voltages for new cpu and then make and flash new bios for that cpu. But what you mention about registry sounds interesting.

I guess in that case making a registry key would be the best solution. I would need to apply it after every reinstall of windows, but i wouldnt have problems with cpu upgrade nor would I need an application to do the undervolting. If it works that is. So yes i would like to try this and any help would be welcome. First you should follow the attached guide until you have the ASL file. Then please upload the file here, I will take a look and check if the code that we want is there.

I don't think it will work. My aml file is empty after step 4. We can't work with an empty file There is another method to extract the dsdt table.

Let me think for 1 min and I'll give you a link. I don't have a copy of a program that is needed.

how to undervolt cpu asus bios

I can't help, sorry. Actually I think I know why your file is empty, if you enter an incorrect path key then you will have an empty file. It is not hardcoded by any means so it is impossible to hardmod a BIOS undervolt. Default values are probably burnt into the CPU itself so it is not editable.Forum World Records. Sign In Sign Up.

Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: Is there a way to lower Core Voltage?

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) Undervolting Guide

Is there a way to lower Core Voltage? Hi there. I also got a extra fan for it so it's in push-pull configuration. You can view the full specs here. As the title says, I'm trying to lower Vcore while overclocking. As you would imagine, 1.

According to Anandtech's articleI should achieve 4. I know every chip isn't the same but it's still a lot of voltages don't you think? The fans I'm using can handle that sort of heat, just, but nonetheless I don't feel comfortable running my chip at that voltage. I actually can hit 4. CPU starts throttling. So, I was wondering if there is a trick to lower Vcore while keeping the overclock.

F10 and Enter. If you are OK with using 1. Try adaptive voltage 1. I think I forgot to mention. For 4. For instance when I set the voltage to 1. I solved that by setting LLC to Level 4. But as I said, if I go anything below 1. Right now it's in adaptive mode. LLC 5 usually gives you the closest to what you set up in bios, try the settings from my previous post. Originally Posted by Buellersdayoff. Per core overclock is similar to what Intel does as standard eg.

Lower LLC level on asus boards gives a lower voltage under heavy loads while higher LLC level gives voltage closer to what's set in bios despite the load. Cache speed doesn't seem to help much in performance perspective but it seems to help reduce some bsod's if it's set closer to core clock speed. I'm no expert and I could be wrong with some of my information, but it's just from my testing and reading info from around the web.

I have my cpu set up now with the same settings as previous post but with Three things working against you here. Two, air cooling and OC dont belong in the same topic. Three, you lost the silicon lottery with this chip. Mine went to 4. I delidded my K and at 1. I can run it at 1. I also dont use adaptive, I use manual and it pretty much goes right where I put it.

As always this is all cores synched.Forum World Records. Sign In Sign Up. Results 1 to 5 of 5. Howdy, I have a GLGS and yes, it is loud under load and the fans have the really annoying ramp which has bothered laptops for the last 15 years fully off - then spin up to a minimun cooling level instead of having a more gradual fan curve. Also - I've noticed that XTU seems to forget the undervolting setting from time to time even though it's saved as a profile and i boot it up with Windows.

This is even more annoying. I'd love to know if anyone has done this for their GL series laptops and whether they were successful to any extent? Alternative - What about the Polaris Editor? Use Throttlestop to undervolt the cpu. As for the bios modding, you should start by getting a flash programmer, in case things goes south when playing around with it. Editing the bios is risky stuff you can brick the laptop by flashing a bad bios or playing around with previously hidden settingshaving one of those in hand can save your life.

Anyways, go to win-raid. They even have a section where you can request a modded bios. I know. The same thing applies to GPU undervolting - using Afterburner have not tested it yet whether it works or not feels like a kludge compared to just being able to set undervolting permanently in vbios. It looks like my next laptop will have to be from a more modder friendly manufacturer And about fan speeds, what is annoying is that my old laptop GJY which has much thicker fans thus not having as annoying whine due to lower rpm runs the fans constantly at a low rpm, whereas GL stops fans completely and then suddenly ramps them up to a quite high rpm.

It seems like not much can be done about this, as the thermal mass of the heatpipes and heatsinks in GL is very small and thus fan response has to be quick. Anyway, if was curious if anyone has done some modding on the GL or GL series laptops to reduce the heat load via undervolting in a more permanent way. I am not a fan of drilling more holes to the chassis and doing ugly hardware mods as those do not fix the origin of the problem creation of too much heat.

I don't think you can undervolt pascal gpus by editing the vbios, but I could be wrong.

ASUS Z390 Quick Overclocking Guide - i7 - i9 - 8700K - 8086K - 9700K - 9900K

Afterburner works just fine, but it takes some trial and error to get it perfect. Every gpu comes out different from the "oven" so downloading a profile from someone else might not work for you.

how to undervolt cpu asus bios

About the fan profile, you could try notebookfancontrol. They both ramp up fans extremely smoothly not suddenly and the noise is very low frequency, not whining and high pitched. Also neither of them thermal throttle under full load like the GLGS doesWe use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We do not collect your personal data. I published a more comprehensive guide for Notebookcheck back inbut I felt it was time to update the guide for There have been quite a few bug fixes as well as a few new features added, but I also wanted to improve the readability and organization of the old guide.

The current version of ThrottleStop at the time of writing is 8. ThrottleStop is an original program by Kevin Glynn, a. It started as a simple means to counteract some throttling mechanisms used in older laptops, check temperatures, and change CPU clock speeds. However, there have been quite a few bugs with XTU involving lost settings and frequent hard crashes upon resume from sleep, and for those reasons I have personally abandoned XTU in favor of TS. You might be thinking that these kind of programs are for the most advanced users or geeks who spend days trying to get their benchmarks a few points higher or temperatures C lower.

While those stereotypes might be true for some TS users, the fact is that a few minutes of tweaking with the program will likely provide you with significant objectively measurable decreases in temperatures and increases in battery life and real-world performance. A standard disclaimer when adjusting voltages and other settings on your CPU.

There has never been a CPU damaged by this software to my knowledge. After first opening ThrottleStop, you will be greeted by the main window of the program interface. This will clear any settings or registers set by the program. If you ever run into problems with your settings causing immediate crashes or all else fails, delete the ThrottleStop.

If this is your first time tweaking your CPU registers, a lot of this terminology will be new to you. However, once you grasp the basic meaning and functions of each setting, tweaking will start to become second nature to you. The main window of ThrottleStop 8. Custom Logo — Starting with TS 8. Note that the app will minimize to either the tray or the taskbar depending on how the app is configured. Save — Saves the current settings to the ThrottleStop. Options — Goes to the options menu for ThrottleStop.

Here, you can rename the 4 possible profiles, set tray icon settings, enable temperature alarms, battery profiles and monitoring, closing app behavior, and HotKeys. We will return here later when we setup profile alarms based on temperatures.

TS Bench — Opens a built-in benchmarking program. Though not strenuous, it is useful for detecting how recent tweaks you made will affect your CPU under load. In the top left area of the window, you will see four radio buttons. Each one has a customizable name in the Options dialogue and each refers to a separate settings profile for the program. A few settings are universal across all profiles, but most settings are profile-specific.

We will discuss using more than one profile later. On the left half of the window you can find general settings that affect either CPU clocks or the way the program functions:.

how to undervolt cpu asus bios

For most newer chips, this method is not used, and enabling the feature in ThrottleStop will have no effect. Set Multiplier — This is another obsolete setting; on older CPUs, the clock speed is determined by multiplying the bus speed of the CPU by a multiplier. On modern CPUs, the multipliers are set differently.

Setting it higher will have no effect, and setting it lower will be the same as not setting it. If you have a Skylake CPU or later, this should be enabled. You can play around with this setting yourself and watch how the clocks change while performing a strenuous task or running TSBench.

Only available when turbo boost is disabled, Power Saver will tell your CPU to reduce its clocks to minimum when idle.

how to undervolt cpu asus bios

This feature is redundant on anything newer than a Core 2 Duo, I believe. For example, an iHQ has a base clock of 2.Forum World Records. Sign In Sign Up. Currently using manual mode. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Hey guys, I already know how to drop frequency, but my voltage is static at 1.

Way higher than 1. Can I use like that or there is another way to use it without having to set 1. Hello Vitoss If it's stable with 1. You could set it to 1. If it's stable and where you want it how you have it now, that's ok too.

Originally Posted by Nate Are you entering 1. If it's stable when at idle you can run it how you had it with offset of Update toyou have nothing to lose. It may include a voltage reg improvement. Are you using LLC? If it's on Auto, try the lowest setting. Intel i7 K 5. It's acting like the voltage is still on auto. You could reset to defaults and start over, if that doesn't help then updating the bios as you guys suggest may help.