Mooney m20c specs

Single engine piston aircraft with retractable landing gear. The M20C Mark 21 seats up to 3 passengers plus 1 pilot. Fuel cost per hour: Learn more. Share your invaluable experience. Become an Ambassador and broaden the awareness of your wonderful airplane! Who are you? Passionate about aviation. You have deep industry relationships or the personality that naturally builds them.

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Please send us your experiences on your aircraft. Toggle navigation. Log in to compare. PlanePhd Census Are you? Curious George. Learning to Fly. Potential Aircraft Buyer. Current Owner. Other Pilot. I Want to See The Results. How To Use planephd.By kevmorJanuary 29, in Vintage Mooneys pre-J models. I did a lot of searching but wasn't able to find it for C models.

On purchasing a used one, do you think I could expect at least kts on 10gph? This would be stock, no speed mods. I think this is what the POH says, but I thought it was on the high side. Lood 5 posts. September 7, September 13, Speed increase: small to none. You might see 2mph, unless you have other speed mods, in which case you'll seen none. It makes the brakes much easier to work on. January 29, I flight plan kts and usually beat that number. See flight aware for my flights if you want further info.

I've flown over hrs in my M20C over the past 21months. Great airplane and performance for the price. If you're shopping, lots of good examples on the market with speed mods. I'd put them high on the priority list, in particular the 1-piece windshield and front cowl closure which also helps cooling.

That was always rpm, full throttle and leaned as far as I could. That was for 8, to 11, feet. You might go faster lower with higher fuel burn. My M20C is a 70 model, it has many speed mods, including the 1 piece windshield and the cowl closure and I also see kts 9.

I think some of you guys are stretching it a bit Every speed mod except for flap fairings installed. Full throttle at rpm up to at most and a little over 10 gph.

mooney m20c specs

One of my cylinders peaks and goes lean well before the other 3. Otherwise, I could be closer to 10 gph, but that's just the way it is with my engine. The prop helped my TAS significantly. Brake reversal and cowl closure only speed mods. Leaned aggressively gets me down to 9 gph or so. Not overestimating at all, been checked six ways from Sunday and countless flights on flightaware confirm.

PM me for the excel spreadsheet. I have a "B" model with all the speed mods except one piece belly.We noticed you're using an unsupported browser which may result in limited or no functionality for portions of our website. Javascript is not enabled. Photos and other media may not display unless you activate javascript and refresh this page.

Log in. Showing 54 aircraft listings most relevant to your search. Additional aircraft listings were filtered out that may be similar, click here to view. More Info. Lauren Rice. Southwind Aviation, Inc. Thomas Morgan. Rivanna Aircraft Sales. Extra clean with all the speed mods. Leather interior! Richard Kramer. Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. Call Dave for more info! Exclusive Aircraft Sales. Chicago Aviation. Jerry Christian Aircraft Sales.

James Kepler. David Carroll. Airmart - Adam Mabry. Beautiful and fast Mooney TLS. New paint, ADS-B.Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Mooney M20 performance and specifications. Mooney has changed ownership several times over the years.

It even became a French owned company for a while. The design of the M20 is one of the most outstanding aviation achievements. The tail is to say the least unusual. However, it remains in the airflow at extreme attitudes and does not slow the thing down at all. What is even more unusual is that the entire tail hinges to enable trim changes. Unlike most modern aircraft, the fuselage has a moly steel space frame around the passenger compartment and this give vastly improved occupant survivability in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Many feel that the cockpit is cramped.

mooney m20c specs

This is an optical illusion, as the internal dimensions are very similar to a Bonanza. Control harmony takes an hour to get used to, and after that, most pilots fall in love. After closing the doors a short time ago, Mooney is back again making these fine airplanes and the business seems to be going from strength to strength.

The aircraft is a perfect long distance cruiser and is not all that bad air racing either! If all of this seems a tad biased, perhaps it is. I owned a Mooney for some time and love them to this day!

Aircraft Performance Data

Dubbed the M20A, this all-wooden wing aircraft was in production until when the all-metal M20B was introduced. This was superseded by the M20C Mk 21 in In an additional model became available — the M20E Super 21 with a hp injected Lycoming giving a maximum cruise of mph.

Back then, Air Facts magazine set up a race between the two rivals. Conducted at low-level with throttles wide open, the Mooney outran the Comanche.

Bysales at Mooney were booming, selling almost aircraft that year, with theM20F Executive with stretched fuselage offered a year later in The last of theM20Cs was built ina year after the popular hp M20J was introduced — known as the because the cruise speed was mph.

In Mooney teamed up with Porsche and produced forty-one hpPorsche engined aircraft, the M20L — two of which are flying in Australia.The Mooney M20 is a family of piston-poweredfour-seat, propeller-driven, general aviation aircraftall featuring low wings and tricycle gearmanufactured by the Mooney International Corporation.

The M20 was the 20th design from Al Mooneyand his most successful. The series has been produced in many variations over the last 60 years, from the wooden-wing M20 and M20A models of[4] to the M20V Acclaim Ultra that debuted in More than 11, aircraft in total have been produced.

In Novemberthe company announced that it was halting all production as a result of the lates recessionbut would still provide parts and support for the existing fleet. Since then, the company has released two more M20 models.

Mooney M20C Vlog #4 - How Fast Are They? - 1st video with ATC audio!!!

Al Mooney had been developing preliminary designs for the four-seater M20 for some time, while the single-seat M Mite was in production in the late s and early s. When in early the company moved from Wichita, Kansasto Kerrville, Texasand when it became clear that the Mite was nearing the end of its production, development of the M20 accelerated. The first M20 flight took place on September 3,and it was certified on August 24, Duringthe company sold 10 of the M20 airplanes.

Inthey delivered 51 airplanes, and in the total was The combination of speed and efficiency was noteworthy. This was the first year the company made a profit.

The M20A continued production intowhen were delivered. These were the last of the Mooneys to have wooden structures in the wings and tail. Without the possibility of metal fatigue, the wooden wing has an indefinite life expectancy and is considered by some pilots to provide a smoother ride in turbulence. Louis, Missouriand take over management of the engineering efforts. He insisted on replacing the wood in the M20 with aluminium, and the all-metal M20B was completed by the end ofless than a year after his arrival.

Inthe company sold M20B airplanes. The following year, the M20C was introduced and were sold that year. Inthe M20D was introduced, essentially an M20C with fixed landing gear and a fixed-pitch propeller. This had a slightly lower price than the M20C and was intended as a basic or trainer model which would have lower insurance costs and which would compete with the Piper Cherokee The M20D was produced from to with a total production of units.

The company sold M20E units that year. Ina new feature was introduced to the MSaw the Lights, wonderfully enjoyable evening. Debroah and David, United States The Icehotel and Norwegian Fjords, February 2012 Hi Irja, We just returned from our trip and we wanted to tell you thank you.

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Mooney M20

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mooney m20c specs

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mooney m20c specs

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