Shinobi story best kekkei genkai

Description: This Kekki gen is mostly used as more of a genjutsu. When activated, the user's eyes become lava red. If successful, the target's chakra reserves are depleted and stamina will be weaker. Description: By combining the natures of Fire, Wind, and Lightning within oneself, a Yamada is capable of creating a pure white, and searing hot energy capable of vaporizing nearly all within its path.

Its potency is beyond even that of the Dust Release, and it fires off so fast that very few shinobi are capable of dodging if they are still in the path once fired. However, its drawbacks are also greater. Side Effects: Before using any ninjutsu of this bloodline, one must stay still not on the same level as Sage Mode mind you, but still pretty motionless for five seconds while the energy is charged after the natures are combined. It is also impossible to re-aim the jutsu in question once the five seconds start, so sae conference 2020 is easy if one gets out of the way during those five seconds, even though the speed of the jutsu is great once fired.

Also, in order to charge, one must channel the searing chakra within themselves for the duration. This is VERY dangerous, as if even a little focus is lost, one could ultimately incinerate himself instantly, worst case scenario, which happened too often in the earlier days of the clan whenever a member first, and last, tried to use the bloodline, and found out that they could not handle it, paying the ultimate price.

Even if one is lucky when distracted while charging, they may still suffer massive burns. Even if it is done perfectly with no focus lost, first degree burns on the user are guaranteed, if not a few second degree ones. Of course, attacking a Yamada clan member while they are focusing can also be difficult, as the energy they channel can burn away most things that approach before it reaches them, but a High B Rank level attack will generally make it through.

Also, even ignoring all other issues, the chakra cost of a Solar Style ninjutsu is massive. Despite the Yamada clan having naturally high reserves, most would be wiped out after one shot from a ninjutsu of Solar Release. Needless to say, very few members today even attempt to master this bloodline, being satisfied with the more basic elements that make it up, and even fewer succeed and survive.

Signature appearances like the inuzuka clan had the red marks on their cheeks : They tend to have spiky blonde hair, and one green eye, and one red. Signature chakra nature: Wind, Fire, Lightning. Mostly Wind, as they reside in Sunagakure. Sounds like a pretty awesome type of bloodline, don't you think? It's raw power exceeds other bloodlines, but it has the drawbacks to more than compensate for it. True, but I stuck so many drawbacks onto the thing that it's almost not worth using at all, unless you are up against a Bijuu or something and you have nothing else that would do anything more than annoy it.

Drawbacks or not, being stronger than the Dust Release and burning Amaterasu Which is said to burn for 7 days and 7 nights and cant be extinguish by water or any normal means is extremely OP and borderline God-like.

It's only the raw power that is OP, it's not as versatile as the Dust Release, nor as easy to cast as Amaterasu. Also, Amatersu not being extinguished by normal means is true, but can you call other bloodlines normal? Some of them ought to provide counters for Mangekyo abilities.

shinobi story best kekkei genkai

The only way to put our Amaterasu is by the user. Anything else that puts it out is OP. Description: By combining Fire and Lightning chakra, the user can create a crimson colored energy.

The user can manipulate the energy at will by using the chakra inside it. It can be used for close-quarters combat and long-rang projectile. By coming in contact with it, the crimson energy drains the opponent's chakra.

So the longer it touches someone, the more chakra it drains.Shinobi Story Online's combat system includes a set of abilties referred to as "jutsu. Jutsu refers not only to abilities, but certain skills, masteries, and a number of other things.

Technique is a broad concept, and jutsu is used by almost everyone in Shinobi Story Online. Unlike genjutsu [2]which causes the opponent to experience illusions, the effects of Ninjutsu [3] are actual and physical in most cases. Ninjutsu relies on chakra and, most of the time, Hand seals [4] to be effective. The hands are put in sequential positions that moulds and manipulates chakra in the necessary manner to perform a jutsu. This is not always needed, however, and some jutsu become second nature to experienced ninja, after which they can perform them at will.

Additionally, many ninjutsu can be classified as an elemental jutsu, in those cases where a specific element wind, water, fire, earth, or lightning is used. In Shinobi Story Online, Ninjutsu is practiced by Shinobi, and forbidden to be learned by other classes. Ninjutsu is used as the main 'damage dealer' ability in Shinobi Story Online. Most Ninjutsu causes damage, and some reverses damage. Ninjutsu has a great deal of variety when it comes to usage, and is a very powerful combat tool. However, the primary difference between the two is that the effects of genjutsu are illusory; instead of attacking the victim's body, like taijutsu or ninjutsu, genjutsu techniques manipulate the flow of chakra in the victim's brain, thus causing a disruption in their senses.

Genjutsu fittingly falls under the broad category of Yin Release [5] Genjutsu [6]. This is often used to create false images or to cause pain from trauma because the body is led to believe it is in pain ; however, there are plenty of other uses depending on the situation.

shinobi story best kekkei genkai

They are not used as often as ninjutsu because they don't physically harm the opponent, but many shinobi have made themselves well-known for their great prowess with genjutsu like. Genjutsu can also be used to manipulate others, similar to brainwashing by feeding the victim illusive suggestions. However, there exists at least one genjutsu, Izanagi [7]that has the opposite effects to normal genjutsu, by changing reality to illusion and vice versa.

Genjutsu is created when a ninja extends their chakra flow through the cerebral nervous system of their opponent to control their mind's chakra, thereby affecting their five senses. Those with special abilities like the Uchiha clan's [8] Sharingan [9] or with high intelligence have an easier time executing and countering genjutsu, as attention to detail is key. Those under the influence of genjutsu will either appear to be unconscious or continue to move around under the pretence of the genjutsu.

The latter is very effective in battle as a genjutsu user can make themselves appear to be somewhere else and attack the victim from behind or change the environment to make the victim see a flat plain where there is a steep cliff. Genjutsu attacks usually require a lot of skill, and, if performed incorrectly, will not work.

Genjutsu is most often used by ninja with very precise chakra control and very high intelligence. In Shinobi Story Online, code-wise, Genjutsu is mainly used for stunning opponents.

They freeze your opponent in place so that you may hammer away at them with your entire arsenal of techniques. Some hard-coded Genjutsu go beyond just stunning however.

Genjutsu from an IC standpoint differs for each user. Genjutsu is practiced by Shinobi, and dabbed into by Priests. Taijutsu generally require no hand seals to perform and are much quicker to use than ninjutsu or genjutsu. Taijutsu is simply put: hand-to-hand combat. Although it is used by nearly all ninja, some characters use taijutsu almost exclusively, and are referred to as Taijutsu Specialists, they're experts of many taijutsu techniques. Example of taijutsu techniques are Dynamic Entry [10] and Leaf Whirlwind [11].It seemed like every jonin instructor was gathered in front of the Hokage.

The reason was very clear although not yet properly announced. It is now that time again when we will recommend our genin to undergo the chunin exam. I know that all the previous genin teams are ready but we have some rookie teams we need to evaluate first. Kakashi, Kurenai, and Asuma are your rookie teams ready to participate in these exams. If so, nominate them now. I would however like to make one request.

This request can be denied by either of the jonin instructors it involves. To insure the highest probability for success for these young ninja I would like to propose a temporary roster swap for the duration of the Chunin Exams only.

If I may request that we swap Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuga from their respective squads would their be any opposition. It is not entirely my idea. The elders wish to have a Byakugan and Sharingan team compete to show the full extent of our villages power. I will say that I am not against the idea because it will benefit not only the Uchiha and Hyuga, but also because it will benefit Sakura Haruno as well.

She is one of the most promising genjutsu types we have ever produced and if she could study under the tutelage of one of our most prominent genjutsu specialist she could become a strong force for our village. She's been through so much so young that I wouldn't want her getting hurt because I was unable to protect her under your watch. Everyone has their struggles and hardships, and sometimes it takes someone going through similar problems to help them overcome those struggles.

If you two don't have any objections, the roster swap will become active immediately. The Exams begin in one month. You have until then to prepare your teams. Naruto was shocked as to why a shinobi would be treating a child in such a way.We all have been waiting to see more of Sasuke and his new powers and maybe fans are finally going to see something new. There is no doubt that Sasuke is getting stronger and stronger as we can see some of the glimpses in the Boruto series as well.

Although fans were very disappointed as Sasuke and Naruto are not appearing that much in the series. Sasuke is experimenting different things and he has found a new technique as mentioned in the new novel based on the story of Sasuke Uchiha. So, what is that ability exactly? With Sasuke improving day by day, he is trying to solve the mysteries that Kaguya left behind and in the quest of solving those mysteries, he is getting stronger.

Wanyudo — Japanese Yokai Figure. The new ability of Sasuke is to use Ice Release. Yes, you heard it right as in the novel; Sasuke has mentioned that now he can use Fuuton and Suiton together to create ice.

When Sasuke combined Fuuton and Suiton. Although, there are so many weaknesses in his techniques and it is an imitation of the technique. Well, if you see Sasuke was only managing to pull off the ice release up to some extent. Furthermore, there is still so much to explore and much to see. The ability he has attained is not percent yet.

Hence, he will have to keep working on it. Only time will tell how and when will Sasuke perfect this technique but he is definitely going to master it. No doubt, he is on a whole new level now and it will be a treat to watch him display his amazing new powers.

Tell us in the in the comment section now. If you have been looking for the list of best anime big boobs then the wait is over. List of Best Anime Big Boobs Millianna Fairy Tail …. Your email address will not be published.The Kaguya clan is a clan strong in Taijutsu. They may manipulate the bones in their bodies, causing an ultimate defence against many attacks. People don't understand why their bones can withstand so much when they're bones.

Well, a true Kaguya's bones are stronger then steel. Known by their manipulation, no one understands how fast they actually regenerate.

A Kaguya's body withstands it's own bone's stabbing through their skin, without causing any type of bleeding from the soft tissue. They may also remove bones from their body, and regrow them depending on their chakra. The Kaguya clan is known to be able to take down armies of shinobi by themself once they achieve a great enough rank.

Kaguyas do not have 'techniques', but rather dances. These dances are traditional to the Kaguya clan, and allow many intimidation factors.

This dance allows the user's rib cage to spring out from around them, deflecting or stabbing anyone near by. Spinning at a high-speed, this technique can shread human flesh in the blink of an eye, faster then an Inuzuka's Gatsuuga.

shinobi story best kekkei genkai

This dance allows the user to adjust their radius and ulna in their forearms, causing multiple spikes, out of the forearm, and a rather large spike out of their palm. This dance allows the user to literally remove their arm of choice from their body and use it as a blade.

The user lodges chakra from behind the tip of any finger or toe. Releasing the chakra, the tip of their finger or toe quickly launches out fast as a bullet.

This dance allows the user to literally remove their spinal column from their back, and use it as a whip, or rope, to slash or bind their targets. Using their skill to hyper-regenerate their bones, the user adds calcium deposites into their arm, allowing a massive growth to happen onto the outside of their body.

Quickly, in a spiral motion a very strong bone with a very sharp tip coats their arm like a lance, but is known as a spear.

Noyamano Clan

This technique is a secret technique within the Kaguya clan. This technique is also, the hardest to learn, but very lethal. The user spreads calcium deposites around the surface of an area with their chakra.

Quickly on command, these calicum deposites will explode, causing a bone spike user dependant on size to grow upon that surface. Once the bone spike is created, the user may hide within the bone spikes if large enoughand move through the bone spikes at a high accelerated rate.

TOP 5 STRONGEST CLANS? - Shinobi Origin - Roblox

To achieve the ability to use your bones freely, a Kaguya must suffer a life or death situation. Once that situation happens, their bones are freely able to be used-- If they know how to control those bones that they wish to manipulate.

However, his past is a mystery. Kaguya, Scit - The first and true Patriarch of the Kaguya Clan, his successor being Caritien, the first Kaguya of the generation that came after Scit's.

Being of the first generation, Scit was a very powerful and capable ninja, able to utilize his kekkei genkai rather effectively, including performing each dance with the exception of Sawarimi no Mai. His origins and abilities were first revealed to him at the age of 10, when he was sent to the mines to rescue a fellow ninja who had been captured by Samurai.

After being stabbed just below his heart, Scit's kekkei genkai awoke and allowed him to survive long enough to escape to Kirigakure and recover, that is, after having saved his friend from the Samurai prison. Throughout his early teens, he did his best to keep his abilities secret from everyone else, resorting to katanas and tantos rather than bone swords when it came to fighting. It wasn't until the first Demon War that he was forced to reveal his kekkei genkai to a large number of people, which he didn't care about seeing as it saved his life.

After the war, Scit became a Chuunin, and then a Tokubetsu Jonin when he turned 18, where he was charged with various duties around Kirigakure, but never taking on a squad. It was during this time that he met Caritien, who had heard about him and his origins of being a Kaguya, but denied that the two were related. Also during this time, the Vikings began to rise up and randomly raid villages, while Samurai did the same.

In one instance, Scit had a shot at revenge against some invading Samurai and engaged the legendary Ryu, Kenshin in a battle of blades, the fight ending officially in a draw once Kirigakure reinforcements arrived at the scene, even though Scit had technically lost due to Kenshin's use of the Samurai equivilent of Hachimon.

Fast forward a few more years, when Scit entered his early twenties, he, along with many of his friends and allies, were abducted the snake known as Tensai Noyamano, and forced to join Otogakure, where he was given a Sin Mark that granted him extra power and chakra whenever he used it. Also during this time, he acted as a double-agent for Kiyani, Yezu and Akatsuki to help bring down Otogakure, while seeking out someone willing to teach him the Kage Bunshin technique.

However his life was ended when he entered Sunagakure, Ryoku's home, wearing a mask that concealed his identity, and was attacked by many of the village's Shinobi, roughlyincluding the Kazekage, Hiroki.A kekkei genkai's name describes both the anomaly and the resulting technique. Most kekkei genkai are passed down between generations of a clan, an exception being Hashirama Senju 's Wood Release.

Kekkei genkai make their users far more powerful than the average shinobi. In times of war they are deadly on the battlefield, and are often deployed to turn the tide of the battle. They are highly effective in this regard, but this tends to create issues for them after the conflict is over: survivors of the battle that witnessed or that lost loved ones to kekkei genkai users come to fear and hate them for their actions.

They are persecuted because of their abilities, forcing them to the lower rungs of society or driving them into hiding. Even the villages that employ them may stigmatise them, relying on them in combat situations but being unconcerned with their actual survival.

Even though individuals with kekkei genkai are mistreated, the actual kekkei genkai remain coveted by many. Kumogakure, for example, has made different attempts to steal the Byakugan. Despite these safeguards, Ao of Kirigakure was able obtain a Byakugan, and he goes to great lengths to ensure it cannot be taken back. For nature transformation kekkei genkai, only Hashirama Senju 's Wood Release has been shown trying to be recreated in others: Orochimaru attempted to reproduce Wood Release by modifying tests subjects' DNA, succeeding only with Yamato ; [1] Kabuto Yakushi perfected grafts of Hashirama that could be implanted in others, granting them Wood Release; Madara Uchiha developed a substance that, when used for artificial limbs, allows limited Wood Release usage.

For bodily kekkei genkai, transferring or reproducing them appears to be prohibitively difficult: to acquire Kimimaro's Shikotsumyaku, Orochimaru planned to simply take over Kimimaro's body, a plan he had to abandon when Kimimaro's body was discovered to be dying.

If an individual cannot gain access to a kekkei genkai directly, they can try instead to use it through the kekkei genkai's original user. Sasori could access the Third Kazekage 's Magnet Release via a human puppet made from the Kazekage's body. Orochimaru and Kabuto use the Impure World Reincarnation to revive the dead — complete with any kekkei genkai they possessed during life — which are fully under their control.

Kabuto also develops a method of creating mindless copies of kekkei genkai users which he generates as needed. Main article: Boil Release. Main article: Byakugan. Main article: Crystal Release.

Main article: Dark Release. Main article: Explosion Release. Main article: Iburi Clan's Kekkei Genkai. Main article: Ice Release. Main article: Kurama Clan's Kekkei Genkai.

Elemental Kekkei Genkai

Main article: Lava Release. Main article: Magnet Release. Main article: Mud Release. Main article: Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai.Naruto is one of the "Big Three" when it comes to anime and it has been a part of childhood for many people around the world. Created by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto follows the story of an outcast named Naruto Uzumaki, who wants to grow up to become the Hokage.

Over the next couple of decades, Naruto really grew in terms of popularity. The Naruto-verse boasts some of the strongest characters that you will ever come across.

All of the super-strong characters have some overpowered abilities. Most of these abilities are Kekkei Genkai or Bloodline Limits. These abilities cannot be copied by the Sharingan as they are inherited. In this post, we will be discussing the strongest kekkei genkai abilities in Naruto. Updated March 25, By Amanda Bruce: With the Naruto franchise featuring 28 kekkei genkai so farlooking at just the top ten leaves a lot of powerful abilities out.

Jogan is a relatively new kekkei genkai to the Naruto franchise.

Shinobi Story Online Jutsu

It made its debut in the Boruto series where the world of the shinobi is still expanding. Like the byakugan, it can be used to see chakra pathways in an individual. It also has another unique application: seeing the lines between dimensions. Just what else it can see, and what else it can be used for, remains to be seen. Exclusive to the anime, crystal release is incredibly rare and only has one known user. She uses it to crystalize literally any substance - plants, earth, the cellular structure of an individual, and even moisture in the air.

It takes someone with incredibly precise control of their abilities to combat it. Also exclusive to the anime is this technically unnamed kekkei genkai.

It exists in the Kurama clan and skips a few generations before it appears again. The trouble is that the power is so vast that it can overwhelm a user and turn them into a monstrous version of themselves. It requires intense control or the sealing of their power altogether. Of course, an incredibly strong genjutsu user, like Kurenai Yuhi, can combat it. One of two kekkei genkai that Mei Terumi has, boil release combines the nature releases of fire and water.

Just how strong it is depends on who is wielding it. In the case of Mei, she can actually use the ability to create an acid-like vapor that dissolves what it comes in contact with. Instead, it combines lightning and water release natures in a unique way.

Those using it can actually manipulate electricity in a different way than a simple lightning strike. Only one instance of its use featured a shinobi gathering storm clouds to produce their electricity, providing credence to the name. Lava Release is achieved by combining fire release and earth release.

Lava release is a pretty powerful kekkei genkai.

shinobi story best kekkei genkai

This is one of the few kekkei genkai that has different forms depending on the user of the ability.