Summertime piano chords

We start by playing through the form with left hand voicings to get a good grip of the melody and chord changes. In part 2 we introduce a simple walking bass linewhich outlines the root and 5th of the chord. This is a nice way to get started with walking bass lines and is also very effective device when playing solo piano. In part 3 of the tutorial we analyse a section of an improvised solo and play this over the bass line.

Finally, we will talk about the importance of transcription and why it is an essential element of your jazz piano study. In this lesson we are going to look at some alternative ways to voice minor s with our left hand. We introduce the b5 chord and its inversions. Minor harmony is much more complex than major harmony and so the minor progression takes much more time and patience to master.

Rootless voicings sound more professional than root based 7th chords and they voice lead much more smoothly in a progression. The form is short and repetitive and so passing chords are a useful tool to add variety to the changes.

Related Lessons In this lesson we are going to look at some alternative ways to voice minor s with our left hand. Practice Tips Notice how passing chords are used in this arrangement. Comments 0 Comment. Leave a reply Cancel reply Ask questions and get instant replies from our team of teachers. Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube.Sign In. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in 7 available keys.

summertime piano chords

Into the Unknown. Frozen 2. Someone You Loved. Capaldi, Lewis. She Used to Be Mine. Bareilles, Sara. A Star Is Born []. You Say. Daigle, Lauren. The Flight of the Bumblebee.

summertime piano chords

Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai. Piano Solo. Star Wars Main Theme. Star Wars. Big Note, Easy Piano. Way Maker. Let It Go. Dance Monkey. Tones and I. Styles, Harry. Joel, Billy. A Million Dreams. The Greatest Showman. Easy Piano. Aladdin []. Always Remember Us This Way. Waving Through a Window.Summertime is one of the most popular jazz tunes at jam sessions and on pick-up gigs.

Because of this, Summertime is an essential tune to have under your fingers. These concepts will help you navigate the chord changes of Summertime with confidence.

Learning the melody ensures you always know where you are in the tune and enables you to quote the melody in your solos when inspiration strikes. Have fun exploring the melody, sample solos, and improvisational concepts over this classic Gershwin tune.

Download Your Free eBook. Here are the tabs and notation for this easy arrangement of the Summertime theme, where I combine the melody with simple jazz chord voicings. There are 2 guitar scales that can be used over the entire chord changes of Summertime, the A natural minor scale and the A minor blues scale.

The first is the A natural minor scale aka A Aeolian scale. This scale has the same notes as the C major scale. Here is the most common fingering on guitar but always learn to play all guitar scales over the entire fret board :. The minor blues scale has the same notes as the A minor pentatonic scale, but with an added blue note. You can get by using only these 2 scales in your improvisation, but your solos will sound repetitive and not very interesting.

One way to spice things up a bit is to add some other scales, especially over the dominant chords…. The harmonic minor scale can also be played over the ii Vs in A minor, but here we have to use the A harmonic minor scale:.

Another way to add interest to your solos is using arpeggios. A common arpeggio to play over a dominant chord is the diminished arpeggio starting on the 3rd of that dominant chord. When playing over minor chords, play a maj7 arpeggio starting on the 3rd of that minor chord to get a 9 sound.

‚ÄúSummertime‚ÄĚ Simple Voicings

Bar 40 : here I play the E altered scale, with a chromatic note in between click here to learn how to use the altered scale.

Great lesson! The notation is incorrect for Bars 55 that F-flat, vs the tab and 64 wrong rhythm. Je suis jaloux!!! You play this beautifully, I would really like to know how you get that nice mellow tone. I know tone is also how the player touches the notes both left hand and right hand but what suggestions would you have. Interested in knowing what amp your using and any pedals you us, settings on amp and guitar.

Thank you so much. Hi Dirk, Thank you, you do so much work for us.The form is nice and simple, and the lyrics are fantastic… particularly the 2nd verse.

In this lesson, you can follow along as we build up an arrangement step-by-step from plain and simple, to complex and advanced. If you have watched the PianoGroove solo piano tutorials on Summertime, you will remember that the tune is covered in the key of A Minor. For the purpose of this lesson, we will cover the tune in D Minor.

I prefer to sing it in Dmin since it puts the melody range squarely in the sweet spot of my voice. The first step is to strip down the harmony to triads. We simplify the chord changes to their absolute bare bones to help you understand and memorise the underbelly of the tune. Since the mechanics of playing it are easier, you will now have more capacity to work thru the baselines, voicings, a variety of tempos, and styles. In addition, you can even really listen to the message of the lyrics.

Easy Jazz Piano - I bet you $1,000,000 you can play it!!

Start by playing just roots and 5ths in your left hand, then simple triads in roots and inversions. This great for a first run thru with a singer at a rehearsal or jazz jam, and when you are just getting know the tune.

This could also be heard as a poppier version of this song. When we do introduce basslines, we keep them simple. This is a nice to time to introduce 7th chords in your right hand, rather than just simple triads. However, notice that we are not yet included any of the upper extensions or alterations.

A nice place to start out with walking bass lines is to create lines using just the root and 5th with either chromatic or whole step approach tones. We will start with left hand voicings to get a good grip of the melody and chord changes. A seventh chord is a triad which has been extended to include the 7th degree of the scale.

This creates a fuller sound than simple 3-note triads. It can be mutually beneficial for you both to experiment and collaborate on the music in a safe rehearsal environment. Generally, you should not play the melody note in your voicings because the singer has the melody note covered.

However, there are some exceptions, such as if the singer is unsure or struggling to find the right notes, then you can help out by including the melody at the top of your voicing to guide the singer. The same would apply if the natural 5 was in the melody, and you played a 5 in your voicing, it would clash with the singers melody line. What matters is making sure that the voicings in your accompaniment do not clash with the melody note.

Generally, this can be achieved by sticking to the pillars of the chord R and avoiding the upper extensions 9,11,13 and alterations b9, 9, 11 … those notes will be more likely to create dissonant harmony so play it safe, and stick to the pillars of the chord. Then the melody will be free to move all around while you hold down the basic harmony structure in a non-obtrusive way. Is it more clear now?

Summertime Piano Accompaniment Welcome to this accompaniment tutorial on the famous tune "Summertime". Accompanying Step-By-Step In this lesson, you can follow along as we build up an arrangement step-by-step from plain and simple, to complex and advanced.

Start With Simple Triads The first step is to strip down the harmony to triads. Related Lessons A nice place to start out with walking bass lines is to create lines using just the root and 5th with either chromatic or whole step approach tones. Practice Tips If you are not a singer, then partnering up with a singer is something you'll want to pursue. Experimenting is important to hearing and deciding what sounds best to you. You'll know when you're hitting the mark because you'll love it, and you'll love to play it.

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Summertime Piano Tutorial

Hi Joel, Good questions!Sign In. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in 8 available keys. Into the Unknown. Frozen 2. Beethoven, Ludwig Van. Piano Solo. Lean on Me. Withers, Bill. River Flows In You. Someone You Loved. Capaldi, Lewis. Moonlight Sonata Abridged. Easy Piano. Show Yourself. She Used to Be Mine. Bareilles, Sara. No Time to Die. Eilish, Billie. Cohen, Leonard. Clair de lune. Debussy, Claude.

Summertime Melody & Solo Study

Satie, Erik. Moonlight Sonata - 1. Adagio sostenuto. Canon in D. Pachelbel, Johann. Big Note, Easy Piano. We'll Meet Again. Lynn, Vera. Over the Rainbow. Garland, Judy. Easy Piano, Large Print. Bridge Over Troubled Water. You've Got a Friend in Me. Newman, Randy. George Gershwin. Alfred Publishing Co. Porgy and Bess.Summertime is a big one.

Most would agree that it is, in fact, one of the all-time greatest standards in history. A timeless tune, Summertime has been played and recorded in a wide array of settings over the course of several decades. Summertime is a very deep and meaningful piece of music, and I often perform it in "cocktail" situations.

It also works very nicely with a backbeat on drums. This tune is often called by singers at jam sessions, which means you should be ready to tackle it in any key to accommodate the singer. Therefore, I would suggest practicing this tune in all 12 keys! It's worth the effort and it will prepare you for addressing the same issue for other tunes. For Summertime, this is actually not all that difficult. If you are somewhat familiar with jazz harmony, you will notice that the two main focal points of the tune are Dm and Gm.

Toward the end of the tune, there's an F major chord, which is, in fact, the relative major. Therefore, in very general terms, the tune starts out over the i minor, then it goes to the iv minor, then it briefly goes to the relative major before returning home.

I would suggest not learning this chord by chord, but think about it bars at a time and always have the melody in your head. Here, you have a few simple voicings that you can use for comping over Summertime. Always play around with the space the melody gives you, and if you are comping with the melody, it might be a good idea to play with longer values to give the melody room to breathe. There are a few exceptions but these are the main tools here.

These voicings are typically the first voicings a jazz guitar player learns, so we are putting them to work right away here. This tune lends itself to a lot of different interpretations. You also may have noticed that I use Eb7 and the Em7b5-A7 progression interchangeably. This is a stylistic consideration for you. They both serve as dominant functions so it's up to you and the context in which you are playing! In this solo, we are focusing on thematic development, as always.

We are also making sure to hit those changes by targeting guide-tones on strong beats. In addition to all of this great content, we have also provided you with a reference sheet full of some basic chord shapes you can use over this tune! It features a brilliant orchestral arrangement of this tune by Gil Evans. Definitely in my top 50 jazz albums of all time!

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summertime piano chords

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summertime piano chords

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‚ÄúSummertime‚ÄĚ Simple Voicings

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