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Avanti Circuits is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, American-made prototype and quick-turn, printed circuit boards PCB. We understand that our customers must have on-time fabrication and delivery of their boards. Let us help you launch products faster and more efficiently. Avanti employees truly appreciate your business. Each and every one of us strives for perfection, each and every day.

If you are not happy, then we are not happy. We have been developing products for more than 30 years and have conducted business with many fab houses and have watched the industry quality erode in the PCB FAB arena for many reasons. Working with Steve, seeing the Avanti plant and the team convinced us to give this company a try. Thanks for your support and great customer service.

They supply a VERY high quality product at a reasonable price while offering superior customer service. You will never again go elsewhere for your PCB needs. They consistently provide excellent service, design support and customer service. I highly recommend Avanti for both prototype and production. We appreciate the excellent customer service from your CAM operators and engineering team.

They always call us if there are any problems or questions with the data. We have saved hundreds of dollars and a lot of headaches which are impossible to define in monetary terms. It is important to me that you have continually added new equipment and processes to be more efficient. The best thing about Avanti Circuits is we can bank on a quality circuit board that will be here when we need it. There is no comparison with off shore competitors who promise cheaper prices.

I highly recommend your services to others who are interested in a full partnership with a reliable supplier. We have over 35 years experience as a successful printed circuit board PCB manufacturer. Rest easy; we know what we are doing. All circuit boards are rigorously inspected and tested before they leave our facility.Not every PCB manufacturing company can be reliable. No first or second preference.

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer and EMS Electronics Manufacturing Services must select the best company that meet their expectations in terms of design, manufacturing, lead time and cost effectiveness.

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Official Website. They also have their office in New Delhi, India. Optima Technology Associates provide complete circuit board manufacturing, assembly, contract manufacturing and engineering services. They can cater your need or design, small volume prototypes, medium or high-volume production — all within budget.

Technotronix is based in California, United States. Redboard Circuits is based in Arizona, United States. They are manufacturers of different Types of PCB for every application and every industry.

Their capabalities include —. NexLogic is based in California, United States. T is based in Florida, United States. They manufacture all their products with the highest PCB technology and quality standards.

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Their products and services include:. With experience of over two decades in the printed circuit board industry, OnBoard Circuits designs and manufactures the best possible boards to fit customers needs. They ensure the most accurate, timely, and cost effective design and manufacturing process. The company manufacturers wide ranged printed circuit boards of high quality at very competitive price with quick delivery time frame. They have expertise in manufacturing:.

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Email Address.Reliability means everything to our customers, and we do everything to ensure our PCBs meet the highest quality standards. We strive to deliver on-time, every time.

When you need high quality PCBs fast, choose Amitron for day production times. From sales to engineering, Amitron's entire team strives to save you time, money, AND peace of mind. Competitive PCB prices are always standard. With over 30 years in the PCB industry, our experienced professionals have seen it all and know what it takes to get the job done.

Founded inAmitron Corporation has grown into one of the largest and most experienced PCB manufacturers in the U. We are world leaders in thermal management technology development and take great pride in delivering excellent, attentive customer service. The medical field requires a vast level of technology with extreme reliability and long term life cycles. The military requires high reliability printed circuits with a strong emphasis on keeping information secure and private.

The automobile industry must have circuit boards that are extremely reliable with an emphasis on safety. The consumer electronics industry demands high performance technology to be complex and compact at the same time. Single Layer PCBs built flawlessly, on-time, and on-budget. Our state of the art facility allows for domestic production and customer service. We also own and operate a facility in Southeast Asia for lower prices. We lead the industry in developing PCB thermal management technology.

Amitron Corp. Web Design by The Marketing Plug. Toggle navigation. About Us Why Choose Amitron? Get a Quote Now. Quickturn PCBs We strive to deliver on-time, every time. Competitive Pricing From sales to engineering, Amitron's entire team strives to save you time, money, AND peace of mind. PCB Expertise With over 30 years in the PCB industry, our experienced professionals have seen it all and know what it takes to get the job done.

Military Industry PCBs The military requires high reliability printed circuits with a strong emphasis on keeping information secure and private. Automotive Industry PCBs The automobile industry must have circuit boards that are extremely reliable with an emphasis on safety. Consumer Electronic Industry PCBs The consumer electronics industry demands high performance technology to be complex and compact at the same time.Powered by QuikWeb Developer.

Designed and Powered By Inroads. Advanced Circuits has been the leading PCB quick turn manufacturer since Advanced Circuits, with divisions in Aurora, CO, Tempe, AZ, and Maple Grove, MN is ranked among the top 3 circuit board fabricators in North America and is well-known for its expedited turn time capabilities and its reliable best on-time shipping record. Bookmark Share Print. Choosing between our two options will depend on your PCB design requirements and specifications.

Outer 0. Hole Size 0. Download Presentation. Lorem ipsum. Privacy Policy Sitemap. Layer Count. Turn Time. Same Day - 5 Day. Same Day - 4 Weeks.

us pcb manufacturing

Quantity Req. Plating Finish. IPC Class 2 - A Board Thickness. Full Range Available. Down to 2. Solder Mask LPI. Various Color Options. Hole Size. Hole Tolerance. Rout Tolerance. Non-Plated Only. Plated Holes. Lead-Free Markings. Gold Fingers. Castellated Holes. Controlled Dielectric. Controlled Impedance. Counter Sinks.

Counter Bores.Send us your gerber files and we can have your PCB manufactured with the best quality at an affordable price. Or, just fill out our on-line quote form to get started. Note: This is a list of our standard capabilities not our maximum capabilities. If your design needs anything outside of these specifications, please call or email us.

E-mail sales saturnpcb. Full turnkey electronic engineering solutions that cover your project from concept to production Military, space, medical, automotive and commercial applications Highly knowledgeable team of electronic engineers and PCB designers Experts in RF PCB Design, high speed digital PCB design and microwave electronic design Member of IPC designer's council with PCB design certification Solid PCB manufacturing knowledge for superior designs Great communication with customers and comprehensive online design reviews Exceptional turn time on projects to help meet customer deadlines Complete confidentiality of your projects and IP Competitive prices on of our all services Customers worldwide!We specialise in providing prototype and small batch PCBs for designers, product development departments, niche market electronics companies, universities and research establishments.

There is no such thing as a standard printed circuit board. Each PCB has a unique function for a particular product. Therefore, producing a PCB is a complex process of many steps. This overview covers the most important steps when producing a multilayer PCB. This is guaranteed through a product specification and quality control that is far more stringent than other suppliers, and ensures that the product delivers what it promises.

The chemical, or chemical and electrolytic, removal of unwanted portions of conductive or resistive material. The first step in the plating process is the chemical deposition of a very thin layer of copper on the hole walls. The chemical deposition of a thin metallic coating over certain basis metals that is achieved by a partial displacement of the basis metal. Most boards have a epoxy-ink soldermask printed onto each side to protect the copper surface and prevent solder shorting between.

In the last step of the process a team of sharp-eyed inspectors give each PCB a final careful check-over. Production Equipments: 1. AOI Tester 2. AOI Tester 3. V-cut Machine 4. Copper Thickness Tester 5. Flying Probe Electricity tester.

Metallographic analyzer 2. Chemistry Laboratory 3. Impedance tester 4. Ion Pollution Tester 5. Metal thickness sptectrometer 6. Hi-Pot Tester 7. Peel strength Tester. I am impressed with the quality of the boards, the delivery time and responce to all my questions.

us pcb manufacturing

Best price excellent service and speedy delivery. When I need another board I will certainly use this supplier. Customer supplied data gerber is used to produce the manufacturing data for the specific PCB artworks for imaging processes and drill data for drilling programs.

Artwork Master is PCB production in the key steps, which directly affect the quality of the final product quality,An accurately scaled configuration of electronic data used to produce the artwork master or production master. Artwork Master — The photographic image of the PCB pattern on film used to produce the circuit board, usually on a scale.

In general, there are three types of Artwork Master: 1 Conductive Pattern 2 solder mask 3 Silkscreen. Stage 1 is to transfer the image using an artwork film to the board surface, using photosensitive dry-film and UV light, which will polymerise the dry film exposed by the artwork. This step of the process is performed in a clean room. Stage 2 is to remove the unwanted copper from the panel using etching.

Once this copper has been removed, the remaining dry film is then removed leaving behind the copper circuitry that matches the design.

Achieved through scanning of the board and then trained inspectors will verify any anomalies that the scanning process has highlighted.

PCBWay Group allows no repair of open circuits.Top Suppliers. Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are the means to mechanically support and electrically connect an array of electronic components into a circuit for both reliability and cheap mass manufacture. A typical two-layer PCB consists of a single insulation layer, usually a fiberglass resin, and two copper planes, one on each side of the insulation. These copper layers are etched into traces wireswhile vias holes connect both copper layers at key locations.

Additional layers coat the copper to protect it and to provide various artwork and labeling. The process of producing a PCB first involves an electronics engineer to design it, followed by a PCB manufacturer, an assembler, which places the electronics components onto the PCB, and then finally a testing process for quality control.

Some companies provide a one stop shop for all services. Others provide just one or two services, in which case the customer would work with multiple companies as part of a supply chain. The industry has a large number of small private companies, each performing their own PCB manufacturing services, while major electronics companies have PCB divisions integrated within the company. Data on their operations is typically proprietary, making it difficult to obtain information on their true size.

Therefore our ranking is based on a combination of market capitalization and brand name recognition within the industry. Jabil Inc. Jabil has 90 facilities in 23 countries andemployees worldwide. Plexus Corp. It employs a global team of over 16, Benchmark Electronics offers expansive global manufacturing services including high-reliability electronics, a range of testing capabilities, clean rooms, systems integration, and larger-scale fabrication and assembly expertise.

us pcb manufacturing

They offer expanded PCB manufacturing capabilities including laser-drilled microvias, cavity boards, heavy copper up to 20 oz. IEC Electronics Corp. The company provides services for testing and detection of counterfeit electronic parts, component risk mitigation, and advanced failure analysis.

Murrietta Circuitsfounded inis a turnkey supplier of PCB manufacturing services with a specialization in military, aerospace, and medical applications. They provide PCB design, manufacturing, assembly, and circuit board testing all under one roof.

SigmaTron International, Inc. Most manufacturing is done abroad, but US-based companies dominate technology and design services for PCBs.

us pcb manufacturing

There are, however, several international firms that offer competitive PCB services. Flex Ltd. Flex offers a range of electronic design services including PCB design, microelectronics, robotics, and more.

Celestica Inc. SMTC Corporation is a mid-size provider of end-to-end electronics manufacturing services EMS including PCB production, systems integration, comprehensive testing services, enclosure fabrication, product design, and supply chain management services. Eltek Ltd.

Part 1 - Pre Production Engineering / PCBWay PCB Manufacturing Process

Eltek is registered and fully licensed through the Dept.