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On cold winter days in particular, the air inside a room can often be too dry. In summer, the relatively humid air feels warmer than it actually is, which can cause irritation. Improve your quality of life with our ideal solution: comfortable indoor ventilation with humidity recovery. Comfortable indoor ventilation systems from Zehnder with an optional integrated enthalpy exchanger create an ideal indoor climate thanks to both heat and humidity recovery.

Enjoy optimum indoor air quality for enhanced well-being. This retains warmth and humidity indoors in winter while ensuring that you still get an adequate supply of fresh air. In summer, heat and humidity are removed from the warm, humid outdoor air before the fresh air enters the house. This energy-efficient process prevents excessive dryness in winter and excessive humidity in summer. It also prevents pollution from arduino char array to byte array transferred from the extract air to the supply air.

Humidity recovery reduces excessively dry air in winter and excessively warm and humid air in summer. This creates the best possible indoor air for enhanced comfort and well-being.

Constant indoor air quality and a comfortable level of relative air humidity offer health benefits. Heat recovery and humidity recovery have a high level of energy efficiency. In winter, the activation of a pre-heater only becomes necessary at lower temperatures and in summer, the costs of air conditioning are premade 3d models. A constant humidity level prevents cracks in sensitive materials such as wood flooring and extends their lifetime.

If you are already benefiting from comfortable indoor ventilation from Zehnder, you have the option of adding humidity recovery at a later stage. The Zehnder enthalpy exchanger can be integrated into your comfortable indoor ventilation system at any time. The only washable enthalpy exchanger on the market: the robust and patented polymer membrane makes the Zehnder enthalpy exchanger simple and quick to maintain, while also increasing the service life.

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This site requires Javascript enabled. Always the best climate for. Further information. Optimum indoor air comfort all year round. Ideal indoor climate — in summer and in winter.The Zehnder Group range includes products in the areas of comfortable indoor ventilation, decorative radiators, heating and cooling ceiling systems and clean air solutions.

Operational management is carried out by the five members of the Group Executive Committee. Outstanding service and perfect solutions are our top priorities. Our worldwide contacts will be happy to help you with your individual requests. Our products and systems are sold under two international and several national brands.

With our main brand, Zehnder, we are represented in around 20 countries worldwide. Every six months, the Zehnder Group publishs results. In addition, we prepare and organize regular presentations for our investors. It wasn't a radiator that first made Zehnder a household name, but a motorcycle. In the s, the Zehnder light motorcycle was a popular and affordable form of mobility for ordinary people.

The Zehnder Group employs around 3, people worldwide. Do you want to give your career a new tailwind? Become part of the Zehnder Group. This site requires Javascript enabled. Always the best climate for a. Reports and presentations. Always the best climate for. Always the best climate for an.

Zehnder ComfoAir 350 Ventilation Device, HRV Left, 215 cfm

Job offers. Ventilation unit ComfoAir Q. Zehnder ZFP radiant ceiling panels. Zehnder Clean Air Solutions. More information. Press releases. All news. Product lines.Systems with heat recovery for a comfortable indoor climate. The solution to making comfortable energy efficient homes, heat recovery ventilation HRVcaptures the heat energy from the exhaust air stream and returns it to the incoming air stream.

The two air steams never touch each other. Only the heat energy is moved. It works the same in cold or warm conditions. If it's hot outside, the heat is kept outside. If it's cold outside, the heat is kept inside. It doesn't require force, or more energy than is used by refrigerator light bulb.

It's just physics in action: Heat moves from hot to cold. Heat recovery ventilation has been in use here in North America for the last 30 years. North American equipment available has been in the low to moderate performance range based on heat transfer efficiency. The common problems with the mid-level equipment has been noise and performance. Once installed, a noisy unit is often turned off by the occupants to stop the continuous background noise.

A poor heat transfer efficiency unit can work adequately in temperate conditions but will be uncomfortable during the warmest or coldest months by blowing hot or cold air over the occupants due to it's poor efficiency. This means fresh air is flowing into the living environment within a comfortable range of the indoor temperature by extracting the energy from the exhaust stream being vented out of the home.

As the movement for energy efficiency expands to all homes, this simple method of heat and energy recovery ventilation easily moves with it. It just becomes a question of quality. Quality is in the experience. Or the lack of experiencing noise or uncomfortable air. Below is a quick guide to some of the more common questions asked about Zehnder products.As with everything in life, it is important to have the right tools for the job.

As individual buildings come in many shapes and sizes, it is critical that each is designed to provide the same level of indoor air quality - irrespective of size or layout. Zehnder has a comprehensive range of units which can be tailored to meet the requirements of a broad spectrum of dwellings from smart, urban apartments to large, luxury dwellings.

Heat recovery ventilation remains the optimal solution for energy perfomance and the provision of excellent air quality throughout the year.

zehnder erv

Passive House accredited and complying with System 4 of the current Building Regulations, our range of domestic HRV and ERV units ensure balanced whole house ventilation and a year-round comfortable, healthy and energy efficient indoor climate. By accepting, you will be accessing content from YouTube, a service provided by an external third party.

Passive House is an internationally recognised comfort standard which ensures high quality, low energy buildings - and its poularity is snowballing as we head down the path to a zero carbon future. The standard requires that only those components that have been rigourously tested and approved can be used within the building.

Ventilation with heat recovery is one of the five key elements required to achieve the exacting criteria. This site requires Javascript enabled. Heat recovery ventilation. A unit for all property sizes. Build tight - ventilate right! Whole house ventilation with heat recovery which offers you real rewards in SAP. The ultimate comfort standard.

Did you know? Find out more about this and other key benefits of heat recovery ventilation here. Find out more about our Heat Recovery Units. Zehnder ComfoAir Zehnder ComfoAir CM. Zehnder ComfoAir WM. Zehnder ComfoAir WMe. All products News Downloads Contact.As buildings are becoming more tightly built, proper ventilation is increasingly critical for optimal indoor air quality. A constant supply of fresh filtered air in the indoor spaces is vital to our health.

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This will close after 10 seconds. Continue to site. Toggle navigation. Zehnder Novus Ventilation System The Novuswith a capacity of cfm, offers the absolute maximum performance.

Zehnder Focus Ventilation System The Focuswith a capacity of cfm, offers the absolute maximum efficiency. Zehnder Comfoair Ventilation System Designed for excellent efficiency and installation in smaller homes or apartments, the CA can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

zehnder erv

Zehnder Comfoair Ventilation System The Zehnder ComfoAir is ideally suited for apartments where it provides balanced ventilation with a constant supply of fresh air. Request information from. By clicking the button above, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Your information will NOT be shared with anyone other than this company. Contact Info. Already a member? Sign in below.

Visit the Company Website. Indoor Air Quality Insights.In this video, you will learn how to attach the ComfoFlex onto the register box to ensure an air tight seal. ComfoFlex is used in some projects, and has a different attachment process than ComfoTubing. In this video you will learn how to splice our ComfoFlex tubing to make for longer runs that ensure air tightness.

This ensures a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate. In an energy-efficient building, it is important to have a ventilation strategy to promote a continuous supply of fresh filtered air in the building. As a result, electricity bills are reduced and a comfortable indoor environment is achieved for the energy-efficient home year-round. The whole house heat recovery ventilation system works continuously to extract moist, stale air from wet rooms kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms and supply fresh, filtered air to habitable rooms bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.

Beside being quiet, the Zehnder HRV is visually discreet. ComfoSystems ventilation system installation instructions. Filmed on a real job site, these videos will help new installers understand the simplicity and ease of installing the Zehnder ComfoSystems heat recovery ventilation systems. The Zehnder unit delivers comfortably warm, fresh air throughout the house while using very little energy and making almost no sound.

Allen Gilliland of One Sky Homes describes the importance of designing and building to ensure optimal indoor air quality in a high performance home.

In the video, he shows how the Zehnder balanced ventilation system provides continuous fresh air to the home. All air coming into the house is filtered through a Merv 13 air filter. This means all of the air in the home is clean — free of pollens and particulates. The second part of ComfoSystems ventilation system installation instructions.

Optimum indoor air comfort all year round

All Videos. Zehnder ComfoFlex Installation In this video, you will learn how to attach the ComfoFlex onto the register box to ensure an air tight seal. Watch Video. Zehnder ComfoFlex Splicing In this video you will learn how to splice our ComfoFlex tubing to make for longer runs that ensure air tightness. Zehnder ComfoPipe Installation. Zehnder external wall grille. Understanding Relative Humidity.Building with Passive House principles in mind, we knew that, in addition to maintaining a tight building envelope, and incorporating substantial amounts of insulation around the structure, we also needed to install continuous mechanical ventilation in order to have adequate levels of fresh air, not to mention the ability to expel stale air.

We also needed our system, either an HRV or an ERV, to be highly efficient, meaning it could hold onto some of the heat in the conditioned air even as it introduced fresh and, oftentimes, cold air by means of heat exchange as the two streams of air fresh and stale passed by one another inside the main unit without actually mixing together. We only considered two other brands for our mechanical ventilation HRV vs.

ERV :. In all the research I did prior to construction, these three brands showed up the most in the projects I read about. Another interesting option would be the CERV system. Based on what I read during the design phase, the consensus seemed to be that, although more expensive, the Zehnder has a strong track record of performance and durability.

Even though the unit itself was more expensive, we thought we could offset some of the total cost for a ventilation system by installing the Zehnder ourselves, thereby saving some money on labor costs. In fact, the ERV seems pretty useless in this regard more on this below.

The system quote we received was easy to understand, and Zehnder was nice enough to essentially design the system, both in terms of layout i. In the end, after commissioning the unit, the system should be balanced, meaning the unit should be bringing in as much fresh outdoor air as it is expelling stale indoor air.

As far as Zehnder units being DIY friendly in terms of installation, in our opinion, this is highly debatable since the installation manual is far from comprehensive. Our installation manual ended at physically installing the main unit on the wall. Not very helpful. Without a detailed installation manual showing step-by-step how all the individual pieces fit together, you end up with a pile of what initially seems like random parts.

Everything we need to install our Zehnder ERV.

zehnder erv

Most of the smaller components are still in the many cardboard boxes off to the right. This was incredibly frustrating, especially since Zehnder units are purchased at a premium when compared to other competitive brands, and with the expectation of durability and design precision. It never occurred to me to ask before purchasing the unit for an installation manual, since it seemed a fair assumption that no one would sell a premium product without detailed instructions on how to put it together.

We were only able to proceed because of numerous online videos, googling Zehnder unit photos, and by staring at and experimenting with the various parts to try and figure out how it all was supposed to come together. The videos below were especially helpful, but, nevertheless, they still leave out quite a bit of pertinent information necessary for any first-time installer especially regarding all the parts that need to be installed on top of the main unit :. Unless there are no DIYers in Europe installing these units, and this is the expectation Zehnder has for its units both for overseas and here in the US, not having a comprehensive installation manual makes no sense.

My guess is they would be searching online for missing info much like we did. Mounting the main unit to the basement foundation wall with Tapcon concrete screws.